Kavya House | When designing a Mediterranean House

Architects: Trung Nguyen | Huyen Nguyen | Thi Cao

Area: 250 sqm

Year: 2021

Photograph: Goku Agency

The project is located in the city of Binh Duong Province in a quiet residential area where has been rebuilt as per modern urban planning. It sits a corner position that forms two-sided façade, taking full advantage of borrowed scenery.

The request for bringing nature to the inside. The structure was separated into two at the front and the back, connected by interior courtyards after crossing through the passage.

On the ground floor are located the two daily life areas: living room and kitchen. On the next floor, the children’s rooms on one side face the master bedroom on the other side of the interior courtyard.

The top floor is finally a bright space with a feeling of rising due to over-white and minimal walls in broad natural light, where it is a place where families gather.

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean architecture works with contemporary materials.

We can experience a rich space by moving up and down, going back and forth between functional spaces. This is a house where you can enjoy the nature is present.